Development history


    Qingdao ESSIN Group Co.,Ltd was built in 1974, the principle work is construction. After developing several ten years, ESSIN group has accumulated full funds and managerial experience. In 2005, ESSIN group promote diversified development actively, collecting and analyzing multiple industries development momentum, appointed personnel management to the southern for investigating and study several times, and then bought 300 mu of land which located in Beian industry zone. And facing the thorns of weeds, the president of ESSIN group, Mr. Li Yansen already painted a mighty development blueprint in his heart.

    From the beginning of ESSIN Electrical Appliance was founded, ESSIN always persist in high origin and high standard. The workshop’s layout was according the new process in the electrical industry, the high pressure foaming machine, the vacuum extraction equipment, the refrigerant filling machine, the safety performance general-purpose tester, the painting machine, etc., ESSIN equipped the main machines according to the international standard, the key equipment or components are imported, well-paid German engineer and domestic industry experts, established joint research and development cooperation relationship with companies of France, Italy, Denmark, set up the full ISO90001 quality management system.

    The assets of ESSIN, from the original registered capital of 11.42 million yuan, crossing development for today’s one hundred millions yuan, from the original group assigned several personnel, constantly, recruiting, became a elite team of more than 500 people today, from a single refrigerator production line developing to today’s many series of cold chain products, from the past hard operation to today’s investment operations---- ESSIN Electrical wholly owned subsidiary –QINGDAO COMMERCIAL COLD CHAIN CO.,LTD, will be put into trial production in Aug. 2016.