Social welfare

    At the same time the development of the enterprise,Essin adhere to the development philosophy of contributing to society, welfare workers,donate to charity federation, more than 120000 yuan, used to aid disadvantaged groups and poor students.Essin has funded 10 primary school students of Beian street, help them return to school.Response to the municipal government "hot meals project",Essin sent refrigerators to ten primary schools ,Let them remove trouble back at home, be absorbed in the education career .

    Essin Grouphas been practicing three promises: "don’t let any employee cannot afford to see a doctor; don't let an employee's children can't afford to learn; don't let an employee living below the poverty line".Essin electronic appliances company successively hard worker benefits nearly 120000 yuan, for the scholarship for college staff children, aid workers their children to university more than 50000 yuan, solve the problem of worker population immigration and their children to school, bring construction worker, solve the worker housing difficulties, for the new employees distribution fridge, let employees feel enterprise the warmth of family care, was awarded the title of "the harmonious labor relations enterprise" for many times

    Essin electrical appliances as director of Jimo enterprise confederation, jimo entrepreneurs association,keep importance of the depth industry together, focus on the integration of industry resources,Actively create a "jimo electrical appliances and plastic industry chamber of commerce", and served as President of the unit, promote the rapid progress of the industry and the healthy development of market economy, for the local industry development have made outstanding contributions.