Brand culture


    Electrical: Pointing that the main products of ESSIN are appliances. This work in concert with the Chinese name;

    Superior: Showing the good quality of ESSIN;

    Sterling: Following the principle of basing on sincerity and credit first;

    Illimitable: Operating with honesty, bring infinite development space;

    National: The business of ESSIN, aiming at internationalization and striving to become an internationally renowned brand manufacturers of electrical company.

    ESSIN: The letter E is processed for the triangular shape, this mean that in the process of development of ESSIN, continuous innovation, forge ahead with determination. And the acute of triangle outwards, this mean ESSIN bases on high technology, manufacturing products with high technology. The whole LOGO gives the sense that ESSIN is always leading and passionate.

    ESSIN: The main color is RED, symbolizing the vigorous development of ESSIN, and also symbolizing the people of ESSIN are passionate,struggling and consecratory. The assistant color is ORANGE, like the running torch, the rising sun, meaning the develop of ESSIN is earning all the lights.

    “QingYing comes from Zhang Yu QingTang dynasty " Qing Yu’an Fu ":"清莹自乎天产,追琢资於匠人" which meansthe color is green, the gray jade is smooth and clean, natural beauty, crafted and imaginative.

    “"Qing Ying" trade was registered on July 25, 2005.On October 2008 Essin purchased the transferee formally.

    “The pronunciation of "Qing Ying"is the same as“QingYing” of "Qingdao Essin Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd."Qing means the geographical relationship between Qingdao and the company."Ying"shows fashionappearance, technology skills, perfect quality and service and the overall style is gentle.

    “"Qing Ying"is in dignifiedbold font , calm and dignified overall design, and the color is black, symbolizing Essin workers seek the ultimate integrity and soundness of the team culture.

    Ying Shang, indicating the same strain relations between"Qingdao Essin Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd." and "Qingdao Essin Construction Group Co., Ltd." , and also shows the location of the company, means"create harmonious, self-motivated".

    Yingshang is in bold font deformation and the overall structure creates a solemn atmosphere.Founder robust line are treated as part of a triangular shape, which means forge ahead and innovation, and outwardly acute angle triangle, representing Essin workers energetic and high-spirited fighting spirit.

    Yingshang using black color, symbolize the heavy sound corporate culture and unchangeable ethical values .