Social welfare

The Yingshang Group embraces the military and loves the party, attaches importance to its social responsibilities, and actively joins the "Military Supplier Library", promising to give priority to providing products or related support services to the military during military operations in wartime or under special circumstances.
The affiliated electrical company was also rated as "Qingdao National Economy Mobilization Center".
While developing and growing, Yingshang Group keeps in mind its development mission, earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities, actively contributes to society, responds to the government ’s call, and implements precise assistance
Carried out "one-to-one" paired support work with Qiaotou Town, Wen County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, and donated financial support to economic construction,
Assisted the construction of Maoying Primary School in Ziyun County, Guizhou Province, subsidized out-of-school children, and targeted two villages for poverty alleviation every year.

The Yingshang Group is concerned about the next generation of projects, and has spent more than 5 million yuan for teaching assistants and subsidizing difficult children for many years.
And set up two hundred million charity title fund to make repeated contributions to the charity of Jimo City,
Was awarded many honors such as "advanced dedicated enterprise", "advanced unit for caring for the next generation", "advanced enterprise for glorious cause", "charitable and charitable donated enterprise", "advanced unit for the disabled" and many other honors

Dedication to advanced enterprises

Caring about the next generation of advanced units

Glorious Advanced Enterprise

Charity and Donation Enterprise

Advanced Unit for the Disabled

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