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Qingdao Essin Commercial Cold Chain is about to Operation
2016-7-4 15:24:10

    Since 2011, around 2 million people use vaccine are selling to 24 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi without any refrigeration sold nationwide, which was found 5 years later."Poisonous vaccine" event reflected that the cold chain is unsound in domestic consumption field, supervision department and the public put forward higher requirement about the cold chain of food and medicine, storage and transportation links. Therefore, the space of commercial refrigeration industry is huge, regional cold-chain construction gaining momentum.

    Qingdao Essin Electrical Appliances expands constantly refrigeration industry and Qingdao Essin Commercial Cold Chain was established on August 5 2015. Commercial cold chain company is based on Essin current platform and start from a higher point. It is aimed at international and domestic commercial cold chain market with proprietary brand "CoolPro", its main target customers are from Europe, America, Oceania and domestic super merchant, and international restaurant chain, its products conclude ice cream machine, drink machines, air curtain machine and other commercial refrigeration equipment, a huge market space.

    Through the precise analysis of the market, CoolPro people developed about 10 kinds of new products with almost demanding perfectionism, trial product samples are widely recognized by our customers through exhibition and get so many intent orders. At present, the product assembly and infrastructure construction of workshops have been completed, and will put into operation in August. At that time, company's product line layout will be rapidly improved, from pure export to domestic commercial market, from household refrigeration to commercial cold chain, from medical equipment to the fishery products, from origin to transfer storage and transportation and terminal distribution until household storage etc., Essin perfectly gets through storage cold chain from the origin to the terminal.

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