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Essin won the title of “advanced primary level of safety production”
2016-7-4 15:26:41

    Since founded in 2006, Essin insists to stand on scientific and standardized management of safety production, implement seriously the safety production management initiatives, carry out hierarchical management, go deep into the practice of mainly safety responsibility, sign letters of safety responsibility for production step by step, clear the security responsibilities of managers at all levels of management and job security issues, and build a perfect system of security management.

    To strengthen the safety awareness, firstly, Essin normalize the "behavior" with "system", establish and continuously improve the safety management system and safety practices, and developed a variety of emergency rescue plan. Secondly, enhance safety production education and training of employees, rate of pre-job safety education and training of employees was 100%, key positions secure strictly  licensing system, and conduct a fire safety training and fire emergency drills every six months.



In March 1st, 2016, for the case of new employees’ increase after the Spring Festival, the company organized a full staff safety drills, simulated fire scene, hearing the fire alarm, the employees cover there mouths and noses with the hand, bow and bend over, maintain a safe distance, rapid and orderly evacuation site from the nearest safety exports. After evacuated to safe areas, we inventory quickly the number of staff and lined up a collection, then carry out safety knowledge  training and outfire practice and training, in order to further enhance the safety awareness of employees and improve the capability of fighting with the beginning of the fire, escape and evacuation.

    On 15th March , 2016, Essin invited the Fire Brigade of Jimo City to carry out fire drills in the field, a dozen fully armed fire brigades, drived fire truck, rapidly entered the predetermined location, extended the ladder, join the fire hydran, their skilled movements and accurate process taught a vivid lesson to the on-site staff, deeply impressed their fire safety awareness.

     Through ongoing security management, during Essin’s 10 years history, there is not even one major safety accidents, and has been awarded several times " safety production advanced unit of Jimo ", Fire work "advanced unit" of Jimo City, and was audited "Level 3 safety production standardization company".

    On 15th April, 2016,Essin granted the reward of “primary level advanced unit of Jimo on safety production" by the Safety Committee of Jimo City, the person in charge of production, Wang Yifu was awarded the title of "Jimo production safety work advanced individual". These honors are not only an affirmation to the performance of company’s safety production. but also proposed higher expectations to safety production.

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