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Essin organized a series of training on "European commercial products safety standards"
2016-7-4 15:28:18

    On 5th May 2016, Essin invited SGS Qingdao branch's engineer Wang Xujun to have a series of training on "European commercial products safety standards" for company's R & D,technology,quality,Production,marketing and other departments.

    Based on the standard terms, Mr Wang explained from mechanical damage, a rotating parts damage, electrical injury, noise damage, non normal damage, overload and other extreme conditions of natural persons and damage corresponding to the European commercial product safety standards and requirements and detailed explanation.all the mentioned actual case on refrigerator and chest freezer were helpful the trainees on the standard understanding and comprehension. during the training all the trainees took notes carefully, combined with practical work and asked questions actively, Mr. Wang answered the questions one by one.

    Through this training, the students mastered the safety standards of the European commercial products, learned more about the TUV safety knowledge, in the direction of R & D, production, inspection and other parts, which further enhance the comprehensive ability of individuals and teams, and it is essential to provide safe compliance products to the customers

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