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Jimo city's Party secretary Liu Zansong visited Essin before the Spring Festival
2016-7-4 15:29:37

    On the morning of 2nd February,Jimo city's Party secretary,Director of the Municipal People's Congress Liu Zansong, Municipal Standing Committee, Director of Municipal Office Yuan Ruixian, Deputy director Wang Xiaoguan, Jimo City Industry and Trade Commissioner Ren Riping, Jimo City Safety Director Zhang Kezhan, Jimo City Technical Supervision director Wang Hao, Beian office secretary Sun Jian and other leaders visited ESSIN factory. expressed their New Year blessing for all the staff, and inspect the safety production work, Group chairman Li Yansen and other company leaders show them around the factory.

    ESSIN exported products to EU, Japan, Australia, South America and other 80 countries and regions, and was awarded the honorary title of 2015, Jimo City, top ten enterprises, Jimo economic enterprises.Secretary Liu visited assembly workshop II. although the Spring Festival is approaching near, workshop is still in still busy,the site is tidy, all kinds of security marks are everywhere, staffs' clothing are neat, looked focused, products on the assembly line are arranged in a uniform.Sectary Liu understand in detail the enterprise production and operation and safety management, fire facilities, the implementation of the security system and so on, listened to brief report on safe production delivered by chairman Li Yansen.

    Some products on display also attracted sectary Liu's attention. the beverage cooler SC110, made by perspective screen technology, could disply videos or pictures through U disk and SD card. looks scientific and technological;- 60℃ ultra low temperature medical freezer are made with leading ultra cold frozen preservation technology, Secretary Liu stopped to watch the video of frozen fish wake up test, and fully affirmed the innovation of Essin.He pointed out that Essin insisted on leading technology and product innovation and achieved a new breakthrough in expanding the market. He hope that Essin could continue to play a leading role in the development of technology and industry to accelerate the development of technology, to develop more products to meet market demand.At the same time, Essin should keep close attention on safe production, take the responsibility of safe production, strengthen safety management, to strengthen the management of hidden danger, to ensure the safety of the production situation during the holiday season.

    Chairman Li Yansen thanked secretary Liu and the leadership of at all levels for their the concern and support to Essin. Li said Essin will further strengthen technological innovation, improve the technological content of products, enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve new development in the new normal.

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