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Essin passed on triple system audit
2016-7-4 15:31:51

    On 11th - 14th April 2016, Essin passed ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification audit.

    Before auditing, we invited Beijing Hing original certification center national senior auditor Guxiu Wei to our company to teach us the new quality management standard, and we study systematically of the new ISO "quality management system requirements," "Quality Management System - Fundamentals and vocabulary" content, the department manager and the company responsible person and the workshop director attended the training. During the training, the teacher Jia make a detailed explanation of new "Quality Management System Requirements" major technical changes. Through the training, trainees got an accurate understanding of the terms of the content, deepened the understanding of the file system, and proposed to further improve the system operation.

    During the third-party audit, the audit team members take hearing, investigation, look, etc., from different levels according to the standard and carried out a detailed in-depth review including representatives of company managers, employee representatives held talks, on-site audit, inspection and verification records management processes, etc. All departments actively cooperate with the initiative to produce the relevant documents and records, and seriously answer the question raised by the audit team, the audit team humbly listen to the teacher's suggestions and comments. After the review is completed, the group affirmed the validity of the company's "three systems" and hope company to further strengthen the enforcement of the communication and information system goals, establish better management system.

    General manager Lizhao Peng make requirements at the end of meeting, ask each department to do detailed analysis of the problem, conscientiously sum up, timely rectification, and constantly improve the quality of the three systems,and to penetrate to the real work of the advanced management ideas and management models, standardize standardized and scientific management objectives.

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