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Essin successfully advanced provincial enterprise technology center
2016-7-4 15:35:47

    On August 21, 2015, the shandong province economic and information commission articles published list of 22 batch of enterprise technology center in shandong province, Qingdao Essin successfully advanced provincial enterprise technology center, the successful promotion to Essin  is authority of the comprehensive strength.

    Since it was founded in 2006, Essin  has been committed to new product research and development, promotion and application,have been completed, A + +, + + European standard of chest freezer, class A and class A + free-standing wine cooler,up-right show case ,SC300,Backbar series ,MOT -counter-top  freezers, SDS curved galss door showcase products, and transparent cooler , has achieved fruitful and technological achievements,The developped A+++ chest  freezers, energy consumption has reached the top by the European Union + ++, and obtain a patent for utility model and a patent appearance, technology has reached international leading level. SDS curved door show case  , high-grade appearance, and both the glass door roller, obtained two patents of appearance。EW series free-standing wine cooler, with high-grade wooden  appearance, large storage capacity for liquor, made A number of utility model patent, can meet the requirements of the European energy consumption of A +, and achieved the European CE certification, have been successfully enter the European market. Deep low freezers, uses  the compound cooling technology, using unique formula, high-grade compressor refrigerants, the temperature in the cabinet can reach 60 ℃ and 86 ℃, and suitable for deep-sea fishes, medical industry and the use in colleges and universities. Company has successfully enter the Japanese market multiple series of products. So far, the company has 14 utility model patents, 6 patents of appearance, in addition, there are 1 invention patents, two patents of utility model and three patents of appearance is accepted.

    With constant expansion of market territory,Essin  increased technical center in all kinds of investment, perfecting the organization system and operational mechanism, strengthen the construction of talent team, to a technological innovation, promote the product structure adjustment and technology upgrade, to meet consumer demand in different countries, regions, make the product comprehensive strength in the advanced international and domestic same industry leading position.

    On October 27, 2015,  Xie Youzhong vice President conference articipated in the provincial enterprise technology innovation work in taian, on behalf of the company to receive the bronze provincial enterprise technology center. The promotion, is fully recognizad  to Essin research and development strength and at the same time, also is a kind of expectation. Essin  here will take this opportunity to further strengthen the subject consciousness, strengthen technology center management, establishing and perfecting market subject development and the social integration mechanism of open innovation resources, strengthening the independent innovation, focus on cultivating the core competitiveness, high-level, high starting point to pay special attention to the construction of enterprise technology center.

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