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Essin open “the Blue Economic” market layout
2016-7-4 15:39:32

    “ “The development program of Shandong peninsula blue economic zone” is the first approved the national development strategy from the beginning year of “China’s12th Five”, is the first regional development strategy which use Marine economy as the theme, planning the body zone including all the sea area and the land area of Qingdao, Yantai etc. six cities and two counties. Blue economic zone is a supported by system innovation, industrial economic development as the foundation, will be more of the Marine resources, through the land resources, innovation platform of science and technology, industrial manufacturing, logistics, transportation, support and effective development and utilization, such as investment system to achieve the maximization of economic and social benefits on land or sea and maximize the space scale of sea economic zone. The development of the Marine "blue economy" has become an important support of the Chinese economy. In 2014 China's Marine economy gross domestic product of nearly 6 trillion yuan, increased 7.7% more than the previous year, Marine economic contribution to the national GDP of about 9.4% in gross domestic product (GDP).

    ESSIN is established in Qingdao, know the capable of the huge market potential is behind the blue ocean, make the new layout from market research, product development, sales channels and so on, catch the chance firstly. The Deep Low Freezer of ESSIN, use microcomputer control of compound using the characteristic of the refrigerant formula, equipped with high performance of the compressor, the temperature in the cabinet can reach 60 ℃ and 86 ℃, especially suitable for deep sea fish and scientific research in colleges and universities.

    On November 4, 2015, sponsored by the China international agricultural industry branch of CCPIT, the United States Marine assisted the 20th annual China international exhibition company overseas fishery expo is opening in JIMO WENQUAN country. The area of fishery expo exhibition is 80000 square meters, set up three big international, domestic, and equipment exhibition, overseas exhibition area to total exhibition area of more than 40%.From more than 1300 companies and 46 countries and areas of the world exhibition, ESSIN get booth in the area E3-0930, showing the new SD series, BD series and deep low freezers series products, fashionable and effectiveness of function, fluent line design, the exquisite workmanship caused wide attention to attend customer, not only the cryogenic preservation technologies but also become the focus of the exhibition. Exhibition, from countries such as Singapore, Mauritius, customers attracted by SDS series reveal ark, expressed the intention of cooperation, a number of high-end catering company and aquatic products from domestic companies also expressed strong demand for low temperature air-conditioner, marketing staff are actively in the connecting.

    Unrestrained and far-ranging, in the vast market, ESSIN are completely ready for the global distribution, product layout and the channel layout.

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