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Essin is selected into Qingdao national economic mobilization center
2016-7-4 15:40:34

    Qingdao is China's aircraft carrier base, the Beihai fleet resident, next to Japan, South Korea, is an important national defense base. In order to deal with the war and the emergency and solve the very period of weapons and equipment, technology, the contradiction between supply and demand of labor force and material resources and need to rely on existing enterprises, establish with transformation from peacetime to wartime production capacity and technical support center, that’s national economy mobilization center. ESSIN take it’s social responsibility seriously, and actively support the building of national defense. As the local industry of Qingdao, ESSIN has mature of cold chain products R & D, production and distribution capabilities, developed, production of Deep Low Freezer, Display Refrigerator, car refrigerator, the tabletop refrigerator, e.t.c. in civil functions based on, for a particular way to be improved and can meet the military needs. ESSIN research and development some series with army use portable angle, in addition to the use of conventional power, the use of solar energy, gas, vehicle power supply, battery and so on many kinds of energy, easy to carry, handling, equipment in an ambulance, rescue vehicles, field hospitals and other, for frozen food, drugs, medical devices, cells, skin, bones and so on.

    On 15 October 2015, Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission (National Economic Mobilization Office) in conjunction with the Qingdao garrison commander Department (city, state fixed Commission General Office) in the Qingdao municipal government organized relevant experts to review, on behalf of the company a brief report on the company's current situation and the economic mobilization center specific planning, to the jury left deep impression, smoothly through expert review. Captain Liu Xianghu, deputy chief of staff of Qingdao garrison announced: Qingdao ESSIN Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., 13 enterprises selected Qingdao city national economic mobilization center, hope the enterprises can make the plan perfected, do a good job in emergency drills, improve the capability of combat support.

    Our company will catch this chance, enterprises will further build advanced cold chain products production base, will become a national wartime Qingdao readiness food, drugs, medical supplies and refrigerated, frozen facility production support base, in wartime rapid response, to support the front, fully meet the arms, war demand, resolutely safeguard state sovereignty, territorial integrity, efforts to resist the invasion.

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