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Accelerate towards the super power of world's home appliance
2016-7-12 8:17:50

    In the history of the development of China's home appliance industry, "12th Five-Year" is a period with the market situation extremely complex. Appliance industry is infected by the macroeconomic environment, consumer overdraft, the housing market downturn and other comprehensive factors, the lack of market growth momentum. However, in 12th Five-Year, China's home appliance industry to seize the opportunity to upgrade the consumer, to get momentum from innovation and structural adjustment, upgrade the potential from customers, the results of the transformation and upgrading are remarkable.

    Review the "12th Five-Year" period of China's home appliance industry, there are several notable features: the quality of economic operation is significantly improved.Despite the slowdown in market growth, but through the adjustment of industrial structure, product structure upgrades, household electrical appliance industry economic efficiency is significantly higher than the main business income growth; technological innovation capacity significantly increased.The main body position of enterprise technology innovation is further strengthened, the innovation investment reaches an unprecedented level, and the scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights emerge in large numbers;Continuous optimization of product structure. Technology innovation for the upgrading of the structure of household electrical appliances to bring power, frequency, large capacity, intelligent and other high-end product market share of the rapid growth. Industry concentration further improved.Sales revenue of over ten billion yuan, over one hundred billion yuan, more than 10 million units of sales of single category products to further expand the lineup;Energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection work to achieve a breakthrough.Household appliances energy efficiency level continues to improve, the overall level of the industry's overall energy saving has reached the international advanced level;Steady improvement in international competitiveness. China as a global home appliance manufacturing country and export country status has been further consolidated, and that the international role of the Chinese household electrical appliance industry is changing, began to actively participate in the global industry chain resources integration, independent brand exports growth.In addition, manufacturing upgrades and sales channels to accelerate change.

   During the transformation and upgrading of the "12th Five-Year", it laid the foundation for our country to become the world's home appliance power. Now is the critical moment of the layout of the ending of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and "45", we are working on the "China household electric appliance industry" 45 "development guidance of, established the strive to 2020 into the overall goal of the ranks of the global home appliance power.

    "13th Five-Year" period, the development environment and supporting conditions for the development of home appliance industry has undergone profound changes. The global economy is still difficult to completely out of the shadow of the crisis, the slow growth of trade. The rapid development of Internet technology, the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth integration, is causing profound impact on the industry. China is experiencing a consumption structure upgrading of the "revolution" into the consumer diversification, personalized era, the consumer side of the upgrade, change the supply side must be reformed. These are the development of the home appliance industry to put forward new challenges, so that the industry's long-term problems are more prominent.

    In order to realize the goal of household appliance power, household appliances industry must carry out innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development concept, and further speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, by the elements of the investment growth to innovation driven growth changes, accelerate system innovation, organizational structure, business model based on comprehensive innovation, promote the quality and efficiency of development, to the consumer to upgrade the industrial upgrading, to obtain the new power from the supply side reforms deepen, open up new competitive advantage, to enhance the international competitiveness and influence.

    Outlook the "13th Five-Year", the consumption structure of urban and rural residents will make the transition to a higher level, contains enormous consumer potential upgrade; combined with the Internet, cloud computing, data, and other things and modern manufacturing, promote electronic commerce, Internet and Internet financial industry healthy development, the promotion of home appliances manufacturing to smart upgrade; foreign home appliance industry is the depth adjustment, is conducive to the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises to realize the expansion of the global.These factors will bring great opportunities for the innovation and development of China's household electrical appliance industry. Although still faces challenges, but as long as we are confident, temper forward, continued to accelerate transformation and upgrading, we will be able to achieve the goal of household appliance power.

(Jiang Feng, chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association)

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