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2016 China's appliance industry will continue to explore new growth momentum
2016-7-12 8:20:41

    January 12, 2016, China  electrical appliances association held a press conference in Beijing, fourth consecutive years of foreign publishing annual operation analysis and forecast.

    2015 is 12th Five-Year last year over the past five years, Chinese appliance industry has made considerable progress. But since 2015, the domestic economy in the adjustment of economic structure transition, into the low stabilization of the "new normal, under the influence of macroeconomic environment and the housing industry downturn and other factors,  electrical appliances industry market growth, lack of motivation, main products sales growth is slowing down. Despite the dull consumer market, but the trend of  appliances to maintain a good upgrade, the enterprises are the innovation as a breakthrough, attention to R & D investment, product structure continues to optimize the healthy development of industrial restructuring and upgrading. Under the background of "supply side structural reforms", can foresee, 2016, in continuing to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading and upgrading of consumption,  electrical appliance industry will continue to explore new growth momentum, the market has injected new vitality.

    Part of the production and sales decline, the overall economic efficiency is still good

   Review of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, China's  electrical appliance industry has several obvious characteristics: a marked improvement in the quality of economic operation, despite the slowdown in the growth of the market, but by adjusting the industrial structure, the upgrading of product structure,  electrical appliance industry increase economic efficiency is much higher than the main business revenue growth. Significantly improve the ability of technological innovation, to further enhance the dominant position of enterprise technology innovation, innovation investment reached unprecedented levels, with the emergence of a large number of scientific and technological achievements of independent intellectual property rights, an endless stream of innovative products, industry innovation atmosphere is formed. Continuous optimization of product structure, technological innovation to bring power to the development of the structure of  electrical appliances, frequency conversion, large capacity, intelligent and other high-end product market share of the rapid growth. Industry concentration further increased, sales revenue of over ten billion yuan, over one hundred billion yuan, as well as a single category of production and sales of over 10 million units to further expand the lineup. Energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection work to achieve a breakthrough, the level of  electrical appliances energy efficiency continues to improve, the overall level of the industry's overall energy saving has reached the international advanced level. Steady improvement in international competitiveness, China as a global  appliance manufacturing country and export country status has been further consolidated and that the international role of the Chinese  electrical appliance industry is changing, began to actively participate in the global industry chain resources integration, independent brand exports growth. In addition, manufacturing upgrades and sales channels to accelerate change.

    Over the past five years, the  appliance industry has made considerable progress, but since 2015, manufacturing suffered severe downward pressure on the economy. Consumer goods industry growth rate has declined, however, due to the demand for rigid support, industrial consumer goods or good on raw materials and equipment industry. National Bureau of statistics data show that from January to November 2015 we electric refrigerator production fell 1.4 percent, air conditioner fell by 0.4%, freezer, washing machine respectively 1.5% small growth, only the microwave oven maintain 13.5% of double-digit growth. Hot water heater in addition to an increase of 4.6%, gas water heaters, solar water heaters have declined. Small  electrical appliances, 1-11 month cleaner, water dispenser, electric baking cooker production fell 2.3%, 2.8% and 10.3%, electric fan, electric rice cooker from negative to positive, with growth of 5.4 per cent, 23.97%.

    The domestic perspective, since 2015, consumer demand was significantly weaker. According to the national information center monitoring data of 24 major cities  appliance sales, from January to November 2015, refrigerator sales fell 9.1 percent, sales fell by 6.5%; respectively air-conditioning sales and sales year-on-year decline of 16.0% and 19.8%; washing machine best, volume and sales both to maintain growth, respectively, an increase of 0.6% and 1.1%.

     Affected by the impact of the global political and economic pattern of turbulence and sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate, plus the Chinese electrical appliances product price advantage as before, export markets continued to decline. 2015 1-11 appliance exports 51 billion 800 million U.S. dollars, down 3%; imports 3 billion 10 million U.S. dollars, down 7.3%. Total imports and exports 54 billion 850 million U.S. dollars, down 3.3%; the balance of $48 billion 840 million, a decline of 2.7%.

    By the consumer market downturn and the industry structure adjustment factors, 2015 appliances industry overall benefit growth rate has slowed down, but due to the upgrading of product structure and raw material prices decline, still maintained a good level of profitability. 1-11 monthly  electrical appliance business income of 1 trillion and 270 billion yuan, the cumulative increase has slipped to 1.1%. Over the same period the total profit and profit is still maintained at around 10% growth, an increase of better than the main business income. 1-11 total profit and tax of 122 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%, total profit of 82 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 10%. 1-11 appliance industry sales profit margin of 6.63%, 0.49 percentage points higher than the same period last year, the best level in the same period in history.

    Strengthen technological innovation, deepen the transformation and upgrading

    Although the downward pressure on the economy, but should be rational view of economic growth, breaking 7 of the situation, which is the result of economic depth adjustment. Specific to the  appliance industry, the popularity of the basic completion of the historical mission, will enter the consumer upgrade period, to innovation driven transformation, has become the main tone of the industry to improve the efficiency and profit level, transformation and upgrading is the main theme of the whole industry.

     In terms of innovation, in recent years, the  electrical appliance enterprises R & D investment increased year by year, the ability of scientific and technological innovation to enhance. According to the China  Electrical Appliances Association for the preparation of the "China  electric appliance industry" 45 "development guidance of (the draft), 45 period,  electrical appliance industry in the development of basic principles: adhere to independent innovation, adhere to sustainable development, adhere to the demand oriented, adhere to quality first, insist on the implementation of the depth of integration of industry and information technology, adhere to the direction of international development. Appliance industry's overall goal is to strive to 2020 into a global  appliance power ranks. At the same time, the 2015 edition of the Chinese  appliance industry, technological route map "also put forward over the next five years, China's  electrical appliance industry technology development direction and specific indicators, the bottleneck of technology and R & D line of new analysis and construction, and the two parts of contents: intelligent and advanced manufacturing to supplement and strengthen.

   From technological innovation to product upgrading, is to turn scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, to promote product structure to high-end development. On behalf of industrial upgrading direction to open the door, many large capacity refrigerators in recent years into the rapid rise period. According to the PRC, the data and multi + open refrigerators retail volume of the total accounted for by 14 percent in 2013 and 2014 19%, rose to 2015 from January to November 26%. Also on behalf of the direction of industrial upgrading of the full-automatic washing machine retail proportion from 73% in 2013 and 2014 89.5%, from January to November 2015 up to 91.7%; which is greater than 7 kg of washing machine sales increase of 16.7% over the previous year, the proportion of from 42% in 2013 and 2014 52% rose to 65% from January to November in 2015. The popularity of frequency conversion products is from the air conditioning industry to the washing machine, refrigerator industry extension. The proportion of retail sales of inverter air conditioner increased from 54% in 2015 to 61.5% in 2013 1-11 month; the proportion of the frequency conversion washing machine increased from about 20% in 2013 to 36.6%; the proportion of frequency conversion refrigerator increased from 12% in 2013 to 20.1%. Online sales data also shows the trend of high-end, to the refrigerator as an example, according to Ovid, Yungang data, 2015 online sales on the refrigerator door sales year-on-year increase of 8.6%, while sales growth of 21.7%; and in accordance with the division of the capacity, above 2015 400L refrigerator sales year-on-year increase of 10.2%, sales growth of more up to 27.2%.

    At the same time, different technical route products colorful, healthy ecological atmosphere is formed. Intelligent to become a new bright spot in industry and in awe in 2015, Chinese  electrical appliance and consumer electronics Expo, a single product intelligence products has spread throughout the fields of everyone's electricity, kitchen appliances, environmental appliances etc., voice control and voice navigation function of the microwave oven and a complicated operation for cooking light loose and simple; intelligent vacuum cleaner, floor washing robot to liberate people from housework. Although now intelligent development is just at the beginning stage, but businesses and consumers has seen hope: the Internet makes people and objects, objects and objects, network interconnection becomes possible, smart , intelligent community away from us in fact is not far away.

     Grasp the consumption upgrade, explore new market dynamics

    2016 is 45 at the beginning of the year, in the next five years will be critical period of  appliance power towards the Chinese  electrical appliance industry,  electrical appliance industry can adapt to the changes brought by the new normal, full completion of the task of transformation and upgrading to achieve 45 at the end into the ranks of power in the world of  appliance, need the joint efforts of the whole industry.

    Although the  appliance industry in our country is in the throes of structural adjustment and deepening the reform in the crucial period, but in the construction of well-off society and the strengthening of the trend of urbanization under, residents' consumption level rising industry opportunities. Consumption upgrade trend significantly, consumers of advanced, intelligent, green and environmentally friendly  appliances are full of demand.

    In the kitchen appliances category, for example, compared to other kitchen appliances, embedded kitchen sales in recent years, the rapid growth in recent years. 2012, in the United States sales of the system within the dishwasher only two, by 2016, this figure has become a 13. In the traditional  appliance products by market fluctuations production and sales stalled, like embedded electric kitchen (including embedded dishwasher, microwave oven, electric steamer, electric oven, etc.) this kind of adapt to the consumer to upgrade the products, demand has continued to heat up. Sales data from the United States show that embedded kitchen electric sales in 2015 reached 420 million yuan, three consecutive years to maintain more than 70% growth. Compared to Europe and the United States, Chinese consumers on the embedded kitchen electrical awareness is still low, so the future growth of this type of product is very large.

   With the health awareness of the residents, two net products (air purifier, water purifier) and various types of healthy small  electrical appliances continue to heat up. According to Ovid, Yungang monitoring, 2015 water purifier overall sales volume growth 90.2%, is expected to reached 14.47 billion yuan; base of air purifier in 2014 jumped on a slight decline, fell by about 3.2 percentage points, but overall sales volume is still more than 590 million units, sales amounted to 11.87 billion yuan.

     China  electrical appliances association, is expected to 2015 years  appliance industry main business income is expected to be completed 1.45 million to 1.46 trillion yuan, an increase of about 2% - 3% over the previous year; expected annual exports of around $560 billion, despite a decline over the previous year, but still in the high level of history.

    2016 will still face grim situation of domestic and international market, Xu Dongsheng, vice chairman of the China  Electrical Appliances Association believes that although the lack of market demand will continue, but innovation driven, quality revolution breeds new market opportunities, "good product" of the urgent demand of the whole society is also in "quality revolution" gave birth to the new market opportunities. In 2016,  electrical appliance enterprises concentrated products research and development and technology upgrade will reap new achievements, "high, big, will continue to dominate the  appliances market consumption trends, innovative products will continue to open up a new market for small  electrical appliances. At the same time, the technical transformation of  appliance industry continues to develop in depth. "Machine substitution" and "intelligent manufacturing" changing the face of  appliance factory. Digital, intelligent technology revolution will affect the industrial transformation of the  appliance industry in a deeper level.

    Although there is still a lot of uncertainty in the macro economy, in 2016 the  appliance industry will continue to face the challenges of the domestic market. But as long as adhered to in  appliance industry transformation and upgrading direction, follow the laws of the market, grasp the development opportunities, explore new market power, hope to overcome difficulties and to ensure a sustained, healthy and stable development of the industry.

    As China  electrical appliances association chairman Jiang Feng said: the prospect of "45", the consumption structure of urban and rural residents will make the transition to a higher level, contains a huge consumer upgrade potential; combined with the Internet, cloud computing, data, and other things and modern manufacturing, promoting electronic business, Internet and Internet financial industry the healthy development, the promotion of  appliances manufacturing to smart upgrade; foreign  appliance industry is the depth adjustment, is conducive to the Chinese  electrical appliance enterprises to realize the expansion of the global. These factors will bring great opportunities for the innovation and development of China's  electrical appliance industry. Although still faces challenges, but as long as we are confident, temper forward, continued to accelerate transformation and upgrading, we will be able to achieve the goal of  appliance power.

(China  Electrical Appliances Association)

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