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Development status and existing problems of cold chain logistics
2016-7-12 8:30:19

    The development of China's cold chain logistics is becoming ripe, it cold not only to meet people's demand on fresh food, but also reduce the food loss and waste during the transportation. But low public awareness and backward equipment and so on are restricting the development of cold chain logistics industry. The following is the development status and the problem on China's cold chain logistics development by the author.   

    Standard implementation is not in place  

    At present, in the cold chain industry the standard  in many aspects is not perfect, in which the most difficult problem is that the implementation of the standard is not in place.For example, there are many small and medium enterprises which do not have the qualification in the entire cold chain, and they have lower cost, then the product price is relatively low, but informal enterprises carry out the national standards and are qualified in every link in the cold chain,their prices will be relatively high, because in this regard, consumers do not understand and distinguish, they would prefer to cheaper products, this is unfair for the informal enterprise.Even though the nation carry out some standards. but there are many obstacles in the complementation and the standards are not in placeMany enterprises do not perform in accordance with national standards, and they are poor self-discipline. Therefore, the industry is difficult to develop, if there is no mandatory standards, it is difficult to ensure quality and bring reassurance to the consumers.   

    Backward equipment and low technical level   

    Beside the imbalance of development and distribution transport equipment and infrastructure, the lack of information technology and management level is also a major restricting reason for the development of cold chain logistics.

All these factors could not provided low temperature for the perishable food transportation.there is two direct consequences. The first is perishable food, especially the waste of the primary agricultural products, due to the high losses during transport, the logistics accounted for 70% in the cost of perishable foods, and national standards are not exceeding 50% of the total costs.Secondly, there are serious security risks in food safety. Many logistics enterprises do not consider to rely on the third party logistics enterprises in the transportation, warehouse management, logistics due to the backward development of third party logistics, and normal and equipment improved third-party enterprises is relatively less.So the third party logistics enterprises need to develop by training the staff.Because from the current point of view, although some enterprises invest and have advanced infrastructure, but they did not reach a high level in personnel training. it has been a problem for the young industry to think out a way to further enhance the advantages of the third party logistics enterprises, 。

    Cold chain logistics concept promotion is weak   

    Due to the cold chain industry is still in the early stages of development, when the consumers are buying food in the supermarket, they only concerne about the product brand, color and other surface status.but do not considered if there is broken chain before the final link in the supply chain, they do not understand if there is any broken chain in transport, storage and other aspects the food willl be never fresh.Chilled and frozen food needs a complete cold chain of goods in the whole process of the temperature control to ensure food safety. This includes loading and unloading of goods in a closed environment, storage and transportation and so on, no one link should be ignored.A complete cold food supply chain is an indispensable element of food safety, so the demand for cold chain logistics is relatively high, the relative management and capital investment is also greater than the normal temperature logistics.Due to the high cost of cold chain, the risk is also increased. Many consumers prefer cheaper products between the same product and same appearance, because customers trust the quality of both would surely be the same, this idea is due to the cold chain knowledge is not widely popular socially, and the public do not really recognize the importance of food safety. Therefore, it is very important to popularize the cold chain technology and concept.

    It is imperative to improve the construction of cold chain logistics system   

    Although China's cold chain logistics system construction and transportation management is unsatisfactory, but everything takes a process, no wether what dificulties the cold chain logistics is facing during the development, we must insist on and find ways out.The development of cold chain logistics is influenced not only by the international macro environment, but also by the internal economic system and so on.With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living condition, the demand in cold chain logistics accelarates, but the cold chain logistics development process do not become more standardized, cold chain logistics information technology level is relatively backward compared with foreign countries.Therefore, first of all it needs to strengthen the publicity to public, the current public cold chain logistics awareness is weak, resulting in a limited scale of the cold chain market.Secondly, we should actively strengthen the public awareness of cold chain logistics, improve the attention of the government, the management department of the cold chain logistics, and guide enterprises to the formal development of the cold chain logistics.In addition to enhance consumer awareness of the cold chain logistics, to distinguish between the cold chain of food quality differences, improve the cold chain logistics market.   

    How to allow consumers to truly distinguish between quality differences? So it is necessary to strengthen the cold chain informationization construction, strengthen the monitoring of the cold chain, all have record.Finally, the development of cold chain logistics can not be separated from the support of the national government, if we want to catch up with the developed countries in the cold chain logistics development level, then the state must develop and implement scientific and effective macroeconomic policies.

In the livelihood of the people and driven by the demand for high-quality, and in collaboration with the relevant government departments, cold chain industry integration of upstream and downstream enterprises, a long-term development plan, and urge the rapid and stable development of cold chain logistics industry.


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