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From the 119th session of the Canton Fair
2016-7-12 8:34:44

    At the closing press conference of the 119th session of the Canton Fair, Canton Fair spokesman Xu Bing said that this session of the Canton Fair, conscientiously implement the innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing concept development, clinch a deal to promote exports, promote China's foreign trade transformation and upgrading, to achieve stabilized target turnaround play a positive role. All participating enterprises, the trading group, the general situation of the general situation is better than expected in various places.

    He said that from the relevant data of this session of the Canton Fair, the purchaser attending and export turnover of emerging signs stabilized, reflecting our country foreign trade enterprises are improving through their own efforts, comprehensive strength, new growth momentum is gathering, a large number of enterprises focus on the main business, continuous innovation, nurture their own brands, increasing the overseas marketing network construction, the international competitiveness constantly improve. These products have independent intellectual property rights, independent brands, independent international marketing network, high technology content, high value-added products in the current fair traded active.

    He also pointed out that local governments and enterprises to reflect, this session of the Canton Fair buyers attending the and export turnover just a slight increase, indicating that there are still many uncertain and unstable factors, the situation remains severe and complicated, international market demand is still sluggish growth, the overall weak trend no obvious change.

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