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Essin use environmental protection refrigerant R290, realize sustainable development
2016-10-13 9:50:46
During a visit to the bolshoy ussuriysky island in May 2016, xi jinping, general secretary stressed: "protect the ecological, leave a blank sheet. Widely spread the lines in the movie "mermaid" - "if there was even a drop of clean water on the earth and clean air, that amounts of money is just a dead end..."
Since its establishment, Essin envisage the social responsibility of the enterprise, always assumed good faith and responsibility, positively practice all environmental regulations and use environmental protection material and a variety of environmental protection measures actively.
Foaming, was one of the key working procedure of white goods manufacturer. In 2006, most of the refrigeration manufacturers use 141B portfolio polyether as foaming material, though cyclopentane type portfolio polyether has been launched. But because its price is expensive, cyclopentane type portfolio polyether failed to get the popularization. Although there is no force requirement, Essin firmly chose the latter when facing the conflict between economic benefit and environmental benefit, using cyclopentane type portfolio polyether as foaming material.
Freon refrigerants has been hated by people because of the damage to the ozone layer. With ozone depletion and global warming becoming more serious, Essin adhere to the environmental friendly refrigerant R134a and R600a, and also constantly look for better environment friendly refrigerant, and effort to achieve sustainable development.
New hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 is an excellent properties, R290 derived from natural ingredients, no damage to the ozone layer, without the greenhouse effect, and also good to environmental protection. As a new generation of environmental friendly refrigerant, R290 obtained strongly recommended from the international environmentalists. Essin as the pioneer of the environmental protection industry, have already ordered R290 perfusion equipment and selected compressors, and matched on related products. Now glass door showcase freezer SD45, 92, 351 has completed test match and will be fully use in production.
On 16th September, the international day of the ozone layer protection, a slight move of a single enterprise may not have a huge impact on the earth environment, but Essin still want to make effort to environmental protection and the sustainable development of ecological maintenance, and make a contribution to hometown of clear water and blue sky.
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